What's Wolher?
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¿What's Wolher?

Wolher is a men clothing brand born in Madrid in 2019 created by Sandra and Jaime, a young couple of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the advertising industry.

Advertising, fashion and traveling are our big passions. That is why we created Wolher. To enjoy the busy life in the cities with a personal style. Urban life, as well as the inheritance of styles that preceded us, are our inspiration.

In a world where values are increasingly ephemeral, Wolher is positioned as a brand to be proud of for its history and its values.

The values of the Wolher people

Wolher is more than just dressing. It’s about transmitting values. That is why when you are wearing a Wolher clothing you’re making it yours and becoming part of a philosophy of life that you want to make known.



We guarantee you that we just manufacture quality garments with the highest standards regarding both materials and the manufacturing processes.



Wolher is exclusive and has strong values associated with the brand. That is why our garments are recognizable at a glance.



We have a growing commitment with sustainability, environment and human rights when it comes to materials as well as the manufacturing processes.



Life in the city is complicated. Dress nicely is easy. At Wolher we mark our own cosmopolite style.

Design, a fundamental part at Wolher

From our name to our tartan, going through the brand icon.


We wanted to give our brand an abstract but easy name, short and clear. A name that just by itself transmits what we are. Masculine, sure of ourselves, direct, trustworthy, suggestive, elegant, evocative. Just like you are.


Wolher’s icon is a bat, a nocturnal animal very present in the life of the cities.
The bat has a strong symbology associated to it that moves directly to our brand.


In our tireless search for distinction and elegance, we have designed this unique and exclusive tartan and we have registered it in The Scottish Register of Tartans.